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Press Releases

VINS Presents Watercolor Artist Amy Hook-Therrien

Amy Hook-Therrien’s artwork will be on display at the VINS Nature Center through March 31, 2019. Amy is a native Vermonter and loves to paint things from nature including waterfalls, trees, plants and stones.

VINS Presents Bird Feeding 101

Feeding birds is a great way to attract color and life to your yard during the winter while helping wildlife at the same time. But how does one get started, what is the best type of food and how do you identify your backyard visitors?

Join VINS For a Halloween Family Celebration

Hoots & Howls is a full day, family friendly event. Each portion of the day is designed to be educational, nature-based, non-frightening, and fun!

VT Nature Newsletter

Bird Feeding

VT Nature

Spring/Summer 2019

New exhibits at the VINS Nature Center include the Forest Canopy Walk and Outdoor Classroom.

FY19 Fall VT Nature

VT Nature

Fall/Winter 2018-19

We mark the 100th anniversary of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, that has saved the lives of millions of birds.

Eastern Bluebird

VT Nature

Spring/Summer 2018

As VINS’ co-founder Sally Laughlin once said, “It was the people who believed in it, who made it happen."