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VINS Presents Magnificent Mammals

Discover the specialties of our furred cousins and find out how important they are to the natural world. Magnificent Mammals will feature a variety of fascinating mammals introduced to you by wildlife presenters from around the region.

VINS Presents Fifth Annual Incredible Insect Festival

Fill the day with adventure as you encounter live caterpillars – more than 50 species from New England – and other insects up close and discover their importance to our world.

VINS Celebrates Father’s Day with Free Admission for Dads

For Father’s Day – attend a live bird program, explore our Nature Trails with scenic views of the Ottauquechee River, or visit our fresh, unique exhibits.

VT Nature Newsletter

FY19 Fall VT Nature

VT Nature

Fall/Winter 2018-19

We mark the 100th anniversary of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, that has saved the lives of millions of birds.

Eastern Bluebird

VT Nature

Spring/Summer 2018

As VINS’ co-founder Sally Laughlin once said, “It was the people who believed in it, who made it happen."

Bald Eagle

VT Nature

Fall/Winter 2017-18

Like the 45 years prior, VINS continues to instill an appreciation for scientific discovery and environmental stewardship.