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Writing Prompt: My Favorite Day in the Woods

Writing Prompt – My Favorite day in the woods.

Video Investigation: iNaturalist Tutorial

Learn how to use iNaturalist with a VINS Environmental Educator.

Writing Prompt: Building a Beaver Dam

Writing Prompt & Activity – Building a Beaver Dam

States of Matter

States of Matter – How does water turn from a solid to a liquid to a gas?

Magic Milk

Magic Milk – mix colors in this engaging activity and see what happens!

Charting Diversity

Charting Diversity – explore the amazing diversity of life on Earth and discover how plants and animals are adapted for survival.

Newspaper Towers

Newspaper Towers – How high and how strong can you make your tower?

Rainbow Stew

Rainbow Stew – make a rainbow in a bag!

VINS Nature Camp: Campfire Stories

FRIDAYS AT 3:00 PM – Tune in for weekly Campfire stories with VINS Nature Camp!

Video Investigation: Tour of the VINS Center for Wild Bird Rehabilitation

Tour VINS Center for Wild Bird Rehabilitation with Wildlife Keeper Bren.

Communicating with Light Patterns

Communicating with Light Patterns – Can you make up a new way to communicate only using light and patterns?

Engineering Design: Design a Toy

Engineering Design – Can you design a toy that uses all three states of matter (solid, liquid and gas)?