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Investigating Shadows

What do you notice about shadows at different times of the day?

Video Investigation: Wildflower Walk

Journey through multiple habitats and learn how to identify wildflowers.

Writing Prompt: Building a Beaver Dam

Can you build a beaver dam that stops the flow of water?

Writing Prompt: My Favorite Day in the Woods

Write about your favorite day in the woods.

Investigating Energy: Marble Coasters

How is speed related to the amount of energy in an object?

Shapes of Land, Bodies of Water

What shapes of land and bodies of water can you find?

Peppermint Beetle

Go on a scent adventure through your local woods.

Aquatic Insect Hunt

Go looking for a variety of insects that call a river home.

Communicating with Light Patterns

Can you make up a new way to communicate only using light and patterns?

Hours of Daylight

How many hours of daylight are there at different times of the year?

Investigating Energy – Rocket Balloons

How can you move a balloon rocket to the other side of the room?

Video Investigation: VINS Raptor Training

Watch how VINS Environmental Educators train our raptor ambassadors.