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Science Symposium


May 14 | 10:00 am - May 16 | 2:00 pm

The VINS Science Symposium helps bring science investigations to life in our community. Classes participating in the Science Symposium first find a local issue to investigate, design hands-on projects, conduct research and then present their findings to the community during a culminating event held at the VINS Nature Center. The event includes a keynote speaker, interactive science activities provided by local organizations, a VINS Raptor Program and the opportunity for students to share their findings. The VINS Science Symposium allows students to connect with their peers from across Vermont and New Hampshire at the VINS Nature Center. Students, their families and teachers will receive free admission to the VINS Nature Center on the day of the symposium.

Tuesday, May 14 / 10am – 2pm
: The Hydrosphere
Science Symposium focused around all aspects of water.  From conserving water and the powerful force of water that shapes the Earth to rising sea levels and pollution; our day will be spent learning and sharing about this precious resource.

Wednesday, May 15 / 10am – 2pm
Theme: The Biosphere
Science Symposium focused on the surface of the Earth to the atmosphere.  From the interactions between biotic and abiotic factors and how these things respond to change to looking ahead to the future of our communities on Earth; our day will be spent learning and sharing about all aspects of the biosphere.

Thursday, May 16 / 10am – 2pm
Theme: Energy and Engineering
Science Symposium focused on different energy resources as well as engineering and designing new products.  From looking at ways to reduce the amount of energy spent in our communities to designing and building new tools for scientific research; our day will be spent learning and sharing about all aspects of energy and engineering.

For more information, contact us at education@vinsweb.org or 802.359.5000.