Forest Monitoring: Citizen Science Research

Forest Monitoring

Conduct Real Scientific Research on the Health of the Forest at VINS

The forest that surrounds the VINS campus is an ideal learning space for students to investigate the health of the forest. Join VINS for our newest field trip, where your students will conduct real scientific research and investigate how our forests are changing over time. Students will identify and gather data on the tree conditions and contribute their data to our first long term monitoring project, so we may better understand the forest trends, and the best management practices that will sustain our forest. The skills your students take away from this experience can even be applied to understanding the health of the forest surrounding your school!

  • 5-ESS3-1
  • MS-LS2-1
  • MS-LS2-4

Your field trip includes a 45-60 minute guided program including an introduction to the topic of forestry and forest health, how to identify trees in our woods, and the opportunity for your students to gather data on the health of the trees and surrounding woods. The tools they take away can be applied to studying the forest around your school! In addition to your guided lesson you will have the opportunity to experience a live bird presentation, visit our trails and exhibits, and enjoy lunch on our grounds.

Forest Monitoring: Citizen Science Research is suitable for students in grades 9 through 12. Work with our educators to specify the right combination of in-depth analysis and comparisons for your learners.

All VINS educators have extensive experience in environmental education, the natural sciences, and science instruction. Every instructor works with a certified teacher in NH and VT to ensure their content and methods align with the Next Generation Science Standards and the best practices for outdoor education. All instructors are First Aid and CPR certified.


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