Insect Game


Insect Game – What’s it like to be an insect?


  • In the Tall, Tall Grass by Denise Fleming, read-aloud video (optional)
  • Insect Game playing cards printed out
  • Space to play the game, either inside or out
  • An adult to play with you

What to do:

  • Have an adult help you set up and play the game
  • Print out the set of playing cards, making sure they are double-sided.  If you don’t have a printer at home, you can make your own set of cards!
  • Place the cards from 1-10 on the floor (or even better, on the ground outside), as if they were a big game board.  Make sure there is plenty of space for movement between each card
  • To play, follow the path of the cards, starting with card #1.  Look at the picture of the insect on the front, and then listen to the information about each insect on the back.  Follow the instructions and act out each movement.  What’s it like to be an ant?  A ladybug?  A dragonfly?
  • You can add more cards to the game for some of your favorite insects!

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