Science Symposium: Grades 4 - 12


Science Symposium

Grades 4 - 12


The VINS Science Symposium provides opportunities for students to complete scientific research, design solutions to solve a local problem, and present their findings at a regional symposium.


VINS Science Educators provide teachers with resources and ongoing support needed to design and implement a project-based learning unit aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards.


The Science Symposium creates a deeper understanding and excitement for science, engineering, and the environment through a project and place-based community approach to education.

Program Package

Through guided, collaborative teaching, the Science Symposium gets students engaged in authentic, real-world science projects.

VINS Educators work with each class to identify a problem in their community, facilitate scientific research and data collection, provide guidance on developing solutions, and prepares them for presenting their findings at the Science Symposium event.

Participation in the Science Symposium includes:

Two lessons focusing on the research theme taught by a VINS Educator.

Registration for the Symposium and admission to the VINS Nature Center for participating classes and families on the day of the event.

On-going support and science instruction expertise from a VINS Educator who has a Master’s in Education and is a certified teacher.

Authentic, Real-World Science Projects

Each VINS Science Educator has a Master of Education degree, is a Highly Qualified Teacher, and holds a teaching license in Vermont and New Hampshire.