Storylines Advanced: Grades K - 5


Storylines Advanced

Program Package

The VINS Science Educator will provide an NGSS aligned Storyline to the classroom teacher. The Storyline is a coherent sequence of lessons, in which each step is driven by students’ questions. VINS Science Educators will co-teach 2-3 of these lessons with the classroom teacher during the unit.

Benefits for Teachers

On-going support from VINS Educators who are certified teachers and have a Master’s in Education.

A Storyline written by VINS Science Educators designed to drive student engagement.

Continued access to teaching resources.

Increase in pedagogical content knowledge.


Integral to this program is a planning session with the VINS Science Educator and the classroom teacher to learn how to embed this kind of instruction in your classroom.


This program provides you with a detailed storyline unit that helps you navigate from lesson to lesson within the unit. This allows you to successfully facilitate student-driven instruction.


We support you throughout the unit, including coming to your classroom to co-teach 2-3 lessons within the storyline unit.  Ongoing support is always available as needed.

This program may be further customized based on the needs of the teacher.

Additional Options include:

Additional Lessons

Additional Topics

Lessons at the VINS Nature Center


Advanced Curriculum Support

Each VINS Science Educator has a Master of Education degree, is a Highly Qualified Teacher, and holds a teaching license in Vermont and New Hampshire.