Singing Frog Puppet Show


Singing Frog – time for a puppet show!


  • Puppet show script (optional)
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Crayons or markers
  • Tape
  • Popsicle sticks (or even just a stick from outside)
  • A puppet theater – you can use a piece of furniture, or make one out of a large piece of cardboard.  
  • An adult to play with you

What to do:

  1. Draw your animal characters on the paper and cut them out
  2. Tape them onto the popsicle sticks so that you have your own puppets.  
  3. Get creative with your puppet theater.  Don’t have one at home?   That’s ok!  Hiding behind a piece of furniture works just fine
  4. Get an adult to read the script while you work the puppets.  Or have the adult do the whole show for you.
  5. Have fun making your own puppet show script!

Singing Frog Puppet Show Script:

Storyline: Frog is singing all the time now during spring, and it is too loud for the other animals.

Characters: frog, bear, turtle, woodpecker, fox

Frog: (enters, hopping onto stage, takes big huge breath, starts belting out a song, loud and obnoxious) 

Bear: (clomps on stage) Ugh! What is all that NOISE?!  Hey! HEY! (frog continues singing, unable to hear) HEEEYYY!  Stop singing! It’s too loud!! 

Frog: (frog stops and looks at Bear) Sshh!  I’m busy.  I’m in the zone… (takes a huge breath and starts singing again)

Bear: Oh it’s so loud!  (pokes nose at frog repeatedly until frog startles) I thought frogs said “ribbit” anyway.

Frog: Hey you’re messing up my groove!  I’m trying to concentrate, here!  I don’t say “ribbit” as you can clearly see.  Some frogs in California say ribbit, but not me.

Bear: What are you singing so loudly for?  You’ve probably woken up the whole forest by now.  

Frog: I’m singing to attract other frogs, of course.  I gotta look and sound my BEST.

How do I look?

Bear: You look a little green. But you’re a frog, so I guess that’s ok.

Frog:  Good.  Is it nice and wet too?  

Bear: Let me see (touches frog).  Yup!  Sure is!  You are an amphibian for sure.  Wet skin and no hair.  Now I’ll head on my way, but if you don’t mind singing a little more quietly….

Frog: Ok, sure thing.  (takes a huge breath and starts singing again)

Woodpecker: (enters): I heard you making lots of noise over here.

Frog: I was singing.

Woodpecker: You call that singing?  I thought you frogs all said “ribit!”

Frog: No we don’t say ribbit.  We make lots of other calls like trills and croaks.  

Woodpecker: Well that’s cool.  I can make calls too.  Bird calls like this one.  (loudly and hysterically) “Whacka, wacka, whacka…”

Frog: (interrupts, annoyed)  Well that kind of hurt my ears,…….. I mean…….you have a lovely voice.  Very…beautiful…

Woodpecker: Thanks.  I was just headed over to check on my babies in our tree hole.  They hatched from their eggs yesterday.

Frog: Well that’s pretty crazy.  Your babies come from eggs too, but they are in a hole in a tree.  We frogs lay eggs in the pond.

Woodpecker: Then shouldn’t you be near a pond instead of singing in the middle of the forest?  There are other animals here that might like to eat you.  Speaking of which, I see a fox sneaking up on you.  Watch out!  (exits)

Frog: A rock?  Yes, there are lots of rocks here.  I don’t know why the woodpecker got all frightened about a few silly rocks.

[Fox enters]

Fox:  Well hello Frog.  What a lovely voice you have.  I’ve been listening to your singing all morning.

Frog:  Why thank you Fox.  That’s very kind of you to say.  All the other animals have been annoyed by my singing.  I don’t think they appreciate true country music.  

Fox:  I’m sure they don’t.  Nor do they truly appreciate how wonderful frogs are.  I have a particular fondness for frogs.  You have a beautiful voice, but your taste far exceeds the quality of your singing.

Frog: Wait.  Did you say taste?  How do you know what frogs taste like…… wait, you don’t mean you want to EAT me?   EEEEEEEEEK!


Frog: Well that was close!  Whew.  Maybe I’ll sing just a little quieter this time.  (takes a huge breath and starts singing again)

Turtle:  (enters and taps frog to get his attention)

Frog:  Oh!  You startled me.  What’cha doin’ turtle?

Turtle:  That’s what I want to know about you.  What are you doing here in the forest?

Frog:  I’m singing so that I can attract other frogs

Turtle:  But all the other frogs are in the pond at this time of year.  You should go sing in the pond and then you would find lots of other frogs.  Besides, I’m not sure the other animals in the forest appreciate your singing quite as much as those of us who live in the pond.  

Frog:  I kind of gathered that.  I guess I really do belong in the pond, don’t I.

Turtle:  Yes, you do. Come, let’s go.  Race you to the pond!   [Both Exit]

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