Special Events

Vermont’s Bats: Why We Should Care

APRIL 25 – VINS hosts bat enthusiast and rescuer Barry Genzlinger for an evening of learning about these amazing animals and what you can do to help them. Genzlinger will address the impact that White-nose Syndrome has had on our bat population and the work being done by his team to save bats at the Vermont Bat Center, the only rescue licensed to rehabilitate all nine of the state’s bat species.

NestWatch Training Workshop

APRIL 27 – Come to VINS to learn about NestWatch, a citizen science project, and help study nesting birds in your own backyard in your free time! VINS is Vermont’s first official NestWatch Chapter, and we are excited to share with you the protocols and practice of monitoring nesting birds, so YOU can contribute to scientific knowledge. 

Raptors in Focus: Photography Workshop

MAY 5 – Join local photojournalist, Rob Strong, for an exclusive photo shoot with four of our resident raptors that will leave you with stunning pictures and great memories.  With a focus on capturing movement, our hawk and other raptor models will be flying for the camera, allowing you to get amazing action shots.

Introduction to Sketching Nature with Watercolors

MAY 11 – Watercolor sketching is a lot easier than you might think. When sketching, your goal is to capture quick flashes of the things around you rather than create a polished and tightly-rendered image, making the process faster and sometimes much more fun. Think of each page in your journal or sketchbook as a “study” of some object or place that you want to remember.

Science Symposium

MAY 14 – 16: The VINS Science Symposium helps bring science investigations to life in our community. Classes participating in the Science Symposium first find a local issue to investigate, design hands-on projects, conduct research and then present their findings.