Special Events

Conservation & Birds in Vermont: Exploring Meadow Habitats

JUNE 12 – A meadow can be a hotspot for hundreds of species, from insects and birds to mammals, reptiles, and small trees. Learn about the flora and fauna in Vermont’s meadows and meet a live meadow-dwelling carnivore with Vermont Institute of Natural Science (VINS) and the Vermont Land Trust. We’ll also cover why it’s important…

Magnificent Mammals Day

JULY 11 – Join us for a day exploring the amazing lives of mammals. Discover the specialties of our furred cousins and find out how important they are to the natural world. In addition there will be hands-on activities and crafts all day long. It’s sure to be a magnificent day!

Incredible Insect Festival

AUGUST 29 – Welcome to the fascinating world of insects at VINS’ Incredible Insect Festival! Renowned insect expert Sam Jaffe will showcase a multitude of live caterpillars at The Caterpillar Lab. Have a fun day discovering the insects we share our planet with. through demonstrations, exhibits, games and crafts.

Owl Festival

SEPT 26 & 27 – Calling all owls and owl lovers! Gather with live owls from all over the world, discover their life stories, create adorable crafts, get your face painted and delight in delicious food.