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VINS Offers Resources for Teachers

​At the Center for Environmental Education we seek to provide teachers the resources they need to bring the best of hands-on, inquiry-based science education to their students. We do so by providing professional development opportunities for teachers, direct support in the classroom and educational field trips.

Our programs are responsive to the needs of teachers and schools. We provide resources and support for implementing engaging, hands-on science and place-based lessons aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). ​Contact us to learn more about additional opportunities for your school.

We have the tools you need to bring science to life in your classroom!

Professional Development

Teacher Professional Development

Providing high quality professional development for all teachers.

School Programs

School Programs

We offer direct engagement with students and high-level professional development.


Field Trips

Explore the natural world with hands-on lessons aligned with the NGSS.

Teaching Kits

Teaching Kits are a valuable resource for providing hands-on science and place-based learning in a classroom. Choose from a variety of kit options from Wings, Feet and Feathers to a Solar Power engineering opportunity. Each teaching kit is aligned with Next Generation Science Standards and will enhance your curriculum and excite your students.

Kit Options:

Bark Beetle Kit
Beaver Kit
Bird Adaptations Kit
Bird Nests Kit
Bird Watching Kit
Gall Kit
Going in Cycles

Insect Kit
Pond Watchers Kit
Rock Kit
Solar Kit
Teeth & Skulls Kit
Thorns & Threats Kit
Tree Cookie Kit

Tree Identification Guides
Moth Camouflage Kit
Mystery Liquids Kit
Mystery Powders Kit
Water Quality Testing Kit
White-Tailed Deer Kit
Wind Kit

To rent a Teaching Kit, complete the Rental Form below.

Bringing Science Inquiry & Investigation to Life in Your Classroom

Each VINS Science Educator has a Master of Education degree, is a Highly Qualified Teacher, and holds a teaching license in Vermont and New Hampshire.