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Bird Adaptations Kit

Rental Fee: $50*

Get a hands-on look at bird adaptations through biofacts. Birds are remarkable creatures with incredible diversity; this kit offers a chance to learn about different types of birds while also comparing certain elements that differ within bird families. Students will explore the specialization of bird feet which reflect characteristics of each species life history and food choices. They will also be able to compare the structure-function relationships of the different feathers that make up the wing. Students will be able to identify characteristics that make a raptor different from other groups of birds through beak inspection.

The Bird Biofacts Kit includes:

  • 2 Wings (1 raptor, 1 non raptor)
  • 2 Feet (1 raptor, 1 non raptor)
  • 2 skulls (1 raptor, 1 non raptor)
  • 1 Pack of down feathers
  • 1 Blood Feather
  • 25 Flight feathers
  • 25 Contour feathers

The Bird Biofacts Kit is aligned with Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards.

Reserve Kit

*Shipping and handling fees apply. The rental fee is waived for teachers participating in VINS School Programs.