Mystery Liquids Kit

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Mystery Liquids Kit

Rental Fee: $50*

This inquiry activity allows students to investigate and determine a mystery liquid based upon its properties, data collection and observation skills. The kit, designed to align with the Next Generation Science Standard 5-PS1-3, comes with a teacher guide (digital), teacher activity guide (printed), and pre-made student data collection sheet (one master copy). Designed for multiple groups of students, this activity comes with all necessary liquids.

The Mystery Liquids Kit includes:

  • Various liquids (salt water, detergent, water, isopropyl alcohol)
  • Salt
  • Toothpicks
  • Eye droppers
  • Plastic bags
  • Laminated testing sheets
  • Brown paper
  • Answer Key & Instruction Guide

The Mystery Liquids Kit is aligned with Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards.

Reserve Kit

*Shipping and handling fees apply. The rental fee is waived for teachers participating in VINS School Programs.