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Teaching Kits are a valuable resource for providing hands-on science and place-based learning in a classroom. Choose from a variety of kit options from Wings, Feet and Feathers to a Solar Power engineering opportunity. Each teaching kit is aligned with Next Generation Science Standards and will enhance your curriculum and excite your students.

Going in Cycles Kit

Students will become familiarized with where water travels, how it gets there, and frequency of its deposition in common water bodies.

Insect Kit

Students learn how to identify the commonly found species of insects in the Upper Valley region using nets, guides, and photos.

Moth Camouflage Kit

Why do some members of a species survive and not others? Students will play a game where they pretend to be a bird and they have to collect moths to eat.

Mystery Liquids Kit

This inquiry activity allows students to investigate and determine a mystery liquid based upon its properties, data collection and observation skills.

Mystery Powders Kit

In this investigation, students gain experience with the evidence of chemical change by observing similar-looking powders.

Pond Watchers Kit

With the help of macroinvertebrate and guides, students become more familiar with the critters that live in local water bodies.

Teaching Tools

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Partner Teacher

"My kids loved it. Having real nests to touch and draw and discover was great and they've even spotted what they think is possibly a red-eye vireo nest in our maple tree. Love how just shining the spotlight on something in nature makes them more aware of it. 

Thank you guys for making these kits available!"

Bringing Science Inquiry & Investigation to Life in Your Classroom

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