Teaching Kits

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Teaching Kits are a valuable resource for providing hands-on science and place-based learning in a classroom. Choose from a variety of kit options from Wings, Feet and Feathers to a Solar Power engineering opportunity. Each teaching kit is aligned with Next Generation Science Standards and will enhance your curriculum and excite your students.

Rock Kit

Students will be introduced to the remarkable variety of rocks and minerals and investigate different properties specific to each one.

Solar Kit

This hands-on engineering opportunity allows students to investigate energy production by solar power.

Teeth and Skulls Kit

The assortment of skulls in this kit will give students a hands-on experience to learn directly about specialization within species.

Thorns and Threats Kit

Explore a variety of different species who use this protective adaptation to ward off predators in an effort to improve their survival rates.

Tree Cookie Kit

Students will explore the internal structure of a tree and learn about the seasonal growth cycles recorded in the tree rings.

Tree Identification Guides

With the help of Sibley’s guides, students become more familiar with the trees and shrubs that live in the Upper Valley region.

Teaching Tools

Reserve teaching tools for your classroom! Hover over each tool for a description. 

Bringing Science Inquiry & Investigation to Life in Your Classroom

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