White-Tailed Deer Kit

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White-Tailed Deer Kit

Rental Fee: $50*

Take a closer look at one of the common wild animals in New England. This kit provides students with a hands-on lesson on the white-tailed deer and its adaptations for life in fields and forests. Through the various elements included in the kit, students will discover important characteristics about the species’ life history revealed especially through the skull, the teeth and the antlers. As prey animals, deer need multiple adaptations to avoid predation. The white-tailed deer experiences success in many habitats across the North American continent due to its keen senses, speed and agility, all results of its adaptability. With this kit, students will learn about the importance of this trait and familiarize themselves with an animal frequently found in this region.

The White-Tailed Deer Kit includes:

  • 1 Skull
  • 1 Lower jaw
  • 1 Antler
  • 1 Leg/hoof
  • 2 Fur pelts
  • 2 Track Stamps
  • 1 Deer browse
  • 1 8’ String
  • 1 25’ String
  • 1 “What's the rub” card
  • 3 Show and Tell question cards

The White-Tailed Deer Kit is aligned with Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards.

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*Shipping and handling fees apply. The rental fee is waived for teachers participating in VINS School Programs.