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Nature Center Hours

VINS Nature Center
10am to 4pm Daily

Wild Bird Rehab is Open
Accepting Calls Only
802.359.5000 x212
8am to 4pm

​Explore the VINS Nature Center

Forest Canopy Walk

Forest Canopy Walk

Live Bird Programs

Live Bird Programs

Featuring our amazing Avian Ambassadors.


Raptor Enclosures

Get up close to eagles, falcons, owls and more!

Private Experience

Private Experience

Get a unique, guided VINS experience.

Nature Trails

Nature Trails

Explore our nature trails that
wind through the forest.

Adventure Playscape

Adventure Playscape

A natural place for kids with elements for creative play.

Songbird Exhibit

Songbird Aviary

View several species of native, wild songbirds.

Birds Are Dinosaurs

Birds Are Dinosaurs

Journey through 250 million years of avian evolution.


Forest Exhibit

Experience the sights and sounds of a natural forest.


Remarkable Reptiles

Discover the amazing adaptations of our reptiles.


Scavenger Hunts

Search for answers and explore the marvels of Mother Nature.


Pop Up Play

Hands-on discovery, exploration, and fun.