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The Forest Canopy Walk is OPEN

Forest Canopy Field Trip

Forest Canopy Walk

An Experience Among the Trees

The forest canopy is a rarely explored ecosystem home to a vast array of life. During this immersive lesson, students will become eye-level with the treetops on the VINS Forest Canopy Walk. Through sensory exploration, students will touch, smell, see and hear the forest in a new way, exposing them to an ecosystem unlike that of the ground below. Students will leave this lesson with a better understanding of forest zones, canopy structure, deciduous ecosystems and the human impact that threatens or supports forest ecosystems around the globe.

Please contact us at for the availability of this field trip.

Aligned Standards

Aligned standards will be identified soon!

The VINS Canopy Walk will enhance the place-based education being offered at the VINS Nature Center through excitement and engagement with the forest in an immersive location. Children benefit from spending more time outdoors, especially in natural places; the VINS Canopy Walk will provide an opportunity for movement and exploration with educational interpretation and guided investigation. These activities help refine motor skills and teach children how to interact with the world around them.

Your Day at VINS

The VINS Canopy Walk will increase the quality and benefits of outdoor experiences for children during their visit. This space will also support student inquiry by immersing students in sensory exploration in a new ecosystem that they have not experienced before. Outside the four walls of a classroom and high up in the forest canopy, students will be surrounded by sights, smells and sounds that will intensify their place-based learning experience. School groups coming for a VINS Field Trip, Home School groups, and VINS Nature Camp participants will become immersed in education of the forest canopy during their time on the VINS Canopy Walk.

Age Ranges

The Forest Canopy Field Trip is suitable for students in grades K-12. Work with our educators to specify the right combination of in-depth analysis and comparisons for your learners.

Your Guide

All VINS educators have extensive experience in environmental education, the natural sciences, and science instruction. Every instructor works with a certified teacher in NH and VT to ensure their content and methods align with the Next Generation Science Standards and the best practices for outdoor education. All instructors are First Aid and CPR certified.

Forest Canopy Walk

Enhancing Classroom Curriculum with On-Site, Place-Based Education

Explore the natural world with hands-on lessons aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards.