Geology Hike

Quechee Gorge

Explore Vermont’s Little Grand Canyon

The Quechee Gorge serves as the outdoor classroom for an investigation into our geologic past. Join VINS Educators to examine the evidence of our changing earth. Uncover the story of how glaciers, rivers, humans, and more have shaped the local landscape and examine rocks to unearth clues that tell an intriguing story. This lesson is limited to a minimum of 10 students and a maximum of 25 students at a time.  We recommend an arrival time of 9:00 AM and includes a 90-minute round trip hike down moderately steep and uneven terrain.

  • 3-LS4-1
  • 3-LS4-3​
  • 4-ESS1-1

​Crosscutting concept: Stability and Change

Your field trip includes an 90 minute guided program including an introduction to the topic of geology, an active outdoor game, in-depth investigation on the trail and a chance for students to reflect upon what they learned. After the guided portion we invite you to enjoy lunch on our grounds and explore the exhibits and/or trails at the nature center.

The Geology Hike is suitable for students in grades 3-12. There is also an opportunity to adapt the existing program for older students with advanced planning.

All VINS educators have extensive experience in environmental education, the natural sciences and science instruction. Every instructor works with a certified teacher in NH and VT to ensure their content and methods align with the Next Generation Science Standards and the best practices for outdoor education. All instructors are First Aid and CPR certified.


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