Rescued American kestrel bird turns to painting after losing ability to fly via USA Today

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by Camille Fine, USA TODAY

Have you ever wanted to make art in the presence of a bird of prey?

Thanks to an army of dedicated people who have made it their job to protect threatened and injured birds, dozens of rescued raptors live as bird ambassadors in the village of Quechee, about 90 miles south of Burlington, Vermont.

Last month, an American kestrel called Ferrisburgh — name after the Vermont town where he was found — launched a new career as a model and artist leading a class for several people who were interested in learning about birds. 

Ferrisburgh led his first painting class for humans of all ages alongside Mal Muratori and Lexie Smith, Environmental Educators at Vermont Institute of Natural Science (VINS). The class began with another American kestrel named Westford, who soared above a small sea of excited faces, effortlessly gliding back and forth from each instructors’ gloves, as they shared interesting facts about falcons…

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