ELF Science Program: K- Grade 5


ELF (Environmental Learning for the Future) Science Program


Through the Center for Environmental Education, VINS has re-imagined our signature Environmental Learning for the Future (ELF) program to address the current needs of teachers, schools, and the NGSS. The program partners with teachers, cultivates scientific literacy, and excites students to engage with the world as scientists.


The ELF Science Program continues VINS’ tradition of high quality environmental education while adding key science concepts and skills with a central focus on teacher professional development, and is an integral part of the program. The program cultivates a deeper understanding for science and the environment.


The ELF Science Program focuses on providing teachers with resources and the support needed to implement engaging, hands-on science and place-based lessons aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards and the Common Core State Standards. 

Program Package

The ELF Science Program is responsive to the needs of teachers and schools. The goals of each unit are created collaboratively by the VINS Educator and the teacher and are designed to meet the professional development needs of the individual teacher.

ELF Science Program includes:

A planning meeting with classroom teacher to review the program goals

A professional development meeting focusing on ways to effectively embed the ELF Science Program into their curriculum

Two to three inquiry-based lessons taught by a VINS Science Educator

Opportunities for taking the learning experience outside

Teacher Professional Development credit

This program may be further customized based on the needs of the teacher.

Additional Options include:

Additional Lessons

Additional Topics

Lessons at the VINS Nature Center


Investigating the World as Scientists and Engineers

Each VINS Science Educator has a Master of Education degree, is a Highly Qualified Teacher, and holds a teaching license in Vermont and New Hampshire.