VINS Presents Bird Feeding 101

Bird 101

Quechee, VT – Feeding birds is a great way to attract color and life to your yard during the winter while helping wildlife at the same time. But how does one get started, what is the best type of food and how do you identify your backyard visitors? Come learn from the experts at VINS.

Whether you are a first time feeder, or have been feeding birds for a while, this is a perfect time to learn more. VINS staff will introduce you to the birds you can expect to visit your feeders, how to identify them, and explain what types of feeders and feed are best to attract certain types of birds. We will demonstrate how to maintain a safe feeding station for these animals and best practices in maintaining your bird feeders. Additionally, you can become a part of the global citizen science effort, Project FeederWatch, with a tutorial on how to join and submit your sightings.

Afterwards, stock up on everything you need to get started including bird feeders, field guides and safety products at the VINS Nature Store. VINS members will receive a 20% discount (normally 10%) when you shop bird feeding products. Non-members will receive a 10% discount on bird feeding products.

Included with general admission to the VINS Nature Center.

Black-capped Chickadee. Photo: Toni Herkalo-Koch/Audubon Photography Awards.