Virtual Geology Hike

Quechee Gorge

Virtual Geology Hike

Come on a virtual hike down into the Quechee Gorge with VINS Science Educator Laurie as we retell together the story of how this popular Vermont landmark came to be.  Travel back in geological history and retrace the events which led to the creation of the gorge while learning some basic concepts about geology.  Extended activities include collecting and classifying your own rocks, going on a virtual tour of the VINS campus as well as exploring other fun activities in our virtual field trip classroom.

  • 3-LS4-1
  • 3-LS4-3
  • 4-ESS1-1

Your field trip includes a 45-60 minute guided program including a live zoom* with one of our Science Educators featuring an introduction to geology with fun and interactive live activities, as well as a live bird presentation with one of our resident raptors, and an introduction to our virtual field trip classroom which offers extended activities for your students including a virtual tour of the VINS campus.

Flat rate of $200 for a max of 25 student participants. 

Virtual Home Geology Hike is suitable for students in grades 3-5. Work with our educators to specify the right combination of in-depth analysis and comparisons for your learners.
All VINS educators have extensive experience in environmental education, the natural sciences, and science instruction. Every instructor works with a certified teacher in NH and VT to ensure their content and methods align with the Next Generation Science Standards and the best practices for outdoor education. All instructors are First Aid and CPR certified.

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