Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Celebrate Your Birthday Party at VINS

Birthday Party
Outdoor Classroom

Birthday Party Details

Cost: $395 (20 people included; $14.50 for each additional guest)
Hours: 10 AM - 1 PM OR 1 PM - 4 PM
Availability: Seven days a week, year-round

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Note: Live Animal Encounter and Nature Center Exploration included.

Party Space

The Sustainable Room includes all utensils, plates, cups and serving platters/bowls for your event. We also have reusable "Happy Birthday" banners, tables and chairs.

Table covers are optional if you want to add a theme to your party (2 round tables for seating and 2 six foot folding plastic tables for food service/gifts will be provided).

The room has a sink and dishwasher (no refrigeration or kitchen available). If you plan to use the dishwasher, please load it up and we will run it after your event.

Note: we ask that you not bring paper (other than napkins), noise makers or balloons to the event.

The outdoor classroom is an open space in the woods of the VINS Nature Center, with a roof and storage cubbies.

Host your event in the midst of the natural environment, with all of its sights, smells and sounds!

Sample Party Plan

12:45 PM: Meet a VINS Staff Member in the parking lot to have the ATV/gorilla cart bring your materials to the outdoor classroom. Host Family checks in with the nature store for admission tickets and walks to the outdoor classroom

1:00 PM: Guests arrive and check in at the Nature Store for tickets and directions (a member of the host family should be present if children are being dropped off).

1:15 PM: Private Live Animal Encounter at the outdoor classroom (Falcon, Hawk, Owl, Turtle, or Snake).

1:30 PM: Free time to explore campus: Forest Exhibit, Raptor Enclosures

2:00 PM: Optional Public Reptile encounter or visit the forest canopy walk while other visitors are at the program

2:30 PM: Refreshments and gifts

3:00 PM: Optional Public Flighted Raptor Program or free time to explore the campus: Trails, Birds are Dinosaurs and Songbird Exhibit

3:45 PM: VINS Staff Member will use the ATV/gorilla cart to pick up and deliver items back to the parking lot

4:00 PM: Parents pick up from the playscape

5:00 PM: Center Closes

12:45 PM: Host Family checks in with the nature store for admission tickets and will be given directions to drive one car to the administration building/indoor classroom to unload party items; the one car may remain at the lower level for removal of items at the end of the event

1:00 PM: Guests arrive and check in at the Nature Store for tickets and directions to the event location (a member of the host family should be present if children are being dropped off)

1:15 PM: Private Live Animal Encounter at the indoor classroom (Falcon, Hawk, Owl, Turtle or Snake)

1:30 PM: Visit the Forest Canopy Walk

2:00 PM: Optional Public Raptor Encounter (Saturday); Public Reptile Encounter (Sunday)

2:30 PM: Optional Public Raptor Feeding Time (suggested for 8 years and up) or time to explore campus (Forest Exhibit, Raptor Enclosures, Birds are Dinosaurs, and Songbird Exhibit)

3:00 PM: Refreshments and gifts

3:45 PM: Clean up the space, put dishes in the dishwasher and remove all personal items from the space

3:50 PM: Parents pick up from the playscape. Host family to settle up with the nature store if over 20 people (includes all adults and youth that stay for the event)

4:00 PM: Center Closes; staff member will run the dishwasher

Live Animal Encounter

This first-hand encounter with a live falcon, hawk, owl, turtle or snake will focus on the natural history, ecology and adaptations of these amazing animals. This 15-20 minute program is an unforgettable experience.

Program included with your birthday party.

Nature Center Exploration

Take advantage of the exciting raptor enclosures, trails, exhibits and public programs at the VINS Nature Center.

Program included with your birthday party.


All reservations must be made two weeks in advance and are subject to availability of staff and facilities. Full payment is required at the time of reservation. You may change your reservation up to seven days before the party based on availability of alternative dates.

The fee for a birthday party is $395 which includes the outdoor classroom space, full access to the VINS campus and public programs, admission for up to 20 people and a private animal encounter. Membership cards may be presented for admission on arrival. Additional non member guests above 20 people would be at $14.50 each; payment due at the end of the event.

There is no electrical power in the outdoor classroom. The party host is responsible for all food, drinks, ice, cakes, paper products, and table covers (2 recommended). Please no balloons, pinatas, or noise makers for the safety of our animals. 

VINS Preferred Vendor List” will assist with your planning.