At Home Education Resources

Facebook Live: Fall Migratory Raptor Encounter

Live encounter with migratory raptors.

Fall Foliage: Why do leaves change color in the fall?

Learn about the changes in fall foliage and an activity to show you the hidden colors in leaves.

Outdoor Learning Resources

Education resources for outdoor learning this fall.

Video Investigation: Pitfall Traps

Make your own Pitfall Trap to see what organisms live under the forest floor.

Video Investigation: Wildflower Walk

Journey through multiple habitats and learn how to identify wildflowers.

Science in the Community

Tune in this week to learn about the impact scientists have in our region.

Video Investigation: Make your own Volcano

Use common household ingredients to create a chemical reaction!

Video Investigation: Birds are Dinosaurs Exhibit Tour

Journey through 250 million years of avian evolution.

Earth Day Poetry Reading

Poetry reading and a moment of zen to appreciate the natural world.

Facebook Live: American Kestrel

Learn about kestrels amazing adaptations and talk with our Environmental Educators in real time.