Communicating with Light Patterns


Communicating with Light Patterns — Can you make up a new way to communicate only using light and patterns?


  1. Flashlight
  2. A dark surface
  3. Paper to write down patterns
  4. Pencil
  5. Yellow crayon
  6. Black crayon

What to do:

Create your patterns

  1. Take your flashlight and try shining it on the dark surface.  Can you see the different patterns you can make?  
  • Example:  The word “hello” can look like this with light patterns:
Light on………………..Off..On..
  • Or something different like this: “How are you?”
  • Use your flashlight to draw shapes that represent words.
How are you?

2. Try to make a pattern, shape or signal for each letter of the alphabet, numbers 1-10 or common words.

3. Write down the patterns that you create on your paper.

  • Write the letter, number or word with the pattern next to it.
  • Write down the patterns that you create on your paper.
How are you?

Test it out

  1. Have a conversation with someone at home without saying a word and see if they can crack your code!  
  2. Let them use the patterns you wrote on your paper as a key.
  3. Have them create new patterns and see if you can guess what they are saying too!

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