Newspaper Towers


Newspaper Towers — How high and how strong can you make your tower?  


  1. Newspaper
  2. Tape (masking tape works well)
  3. A book, to be a weight

What to do:

Strong Towers

  1. Take a sheet of newspaper and experiment with making different shapes with it. 
  2. Place the book on top.  Does it hold the book up?  If not, how could you change your shape to make it stronger? Tip for adults: A rolled cylinder can be quite strong, especially if several cylinders are taped together side by side
  3. Take more sheets and make more shapes.  How strong can you make your newspaper structure?

Tall Towers

  1. Now try making a tall structure.  
  2. How can you fold or roll your newspaper to make a long or tall shape?
  3. Try taping several pieces together.  How high can you go?  Can you make a tower that is taller than you?
  4. If your tower starts to fall over, how can you solve that problem?  How can you make it stronger?  
  5. Think about towers you’ve seen out in the real world.  How are they built? 

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