Engineering Design


Engineering Design — What can you engineer and design with a cardboard box?

Engineering Design Read Aloud Books:

What to do with a Box by Jane Yolen and Chris Sheban

The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires


  1. Paper to make a plan
  2. Pencil
  3. Cardboard box(es)
  4. Other materials such as crayons, construction paper, masking tape, etc.

What to do:

  • Your challenge is to design a new object or tool that you can use in your home to solve a problem using a cardboard box.
    • This can be something that you already have but want to improve.
    • Or it could be something that is new.
  1. Follow the Engineering Design steps below:
    • Engineering Design Steps — Google Slides
    • ASK:  
      • What is the problem you want to solve?
      • What have others done?
      • Research the possibilities.
    • THINK:
      • What are the guidelines? These could also be considered “rules” and could include examples such as:
        • The object or tool must solve a problem.
        • The object must use a cardboard box.
        • Your child should help you determine what the guidelines are.
      • Are there any limits? Limits could be things such as:
        • You can only use 3 feet of tape
        • Your object or tool must be smaller than 2 feet wide
      • Your child should help you determine what the limits are
      • Brainstorm and choose what would be the best design for this task
    • PLAN
      • Draw the design and label the materials needed
      • Build, test it and make improvements as necessary

Take a picture of your tool and share it with your teacher!

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