Sound Scavenger Hunt


ELF Science activities students can do at home

Sound Scavenger Hunt — How many different types of sounds can you hear outside?


  • Sound Scavenger Hunt (or make up your own)
  • Hard surface to write on (such as a clipboard)
  • Pencil

What to do:

  1. Head outside, take a walk and listen.
  2. Use the Sound Scavenger Hunt to see how many different sounds you can hear.
  3. Circle them as you hear them and write down what you think made that sound.

Sound Scavenger Hunt

  Tapping sound   Swishing sound   Ringing sound   Dripping sound
  Cawing sound   Chirping sound   Fluttering sound   Clicking sound
  Buzzing sound   Crunching sound   Whistling sound   Rushing sound
  Snapping sound   Musical sound   Splashing sound   Squishing sound
  Windy sound   Rattling sound   Banging sound   Screeching sound

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