At Home Education Resources

Build a Nature Mandala

Design a beautiful mandala using natural materials.

Finding Moths

What types of moths can you find around your home at night?

Aquatic Insect Hunt

Go looking for a variety of insects that call a river home.

Video Investigation: Wildflower Walk

Journey through multiple habitats and learn how to identify wildflowers.

Fern and Moss Field Trip

Explore how ferns and mosses change throughout the spring, into the summer and fall.

Investigating Vermont Landscapes

See what types of environmental changes happened on the land around where you live.

Investigating Shadows

What do you notice about shadows at different times of the day?

Investigating the Night Sky

What do you notice about the night sky at different times of the year?

Video Investigation: Phenology Notebook

VINS Science Educator will show you how to record your observations in a phenology notebook.

Video Investigation: Fallen Logs

Explore the microhabitat of a decaying log