Finding Moths


Insect Investigation — What types of moths can you find around your home at night?

Read Aloud: 

Claudia & Moth Story Time Reading by Jennifer Hansen Rolli


  • White sheet (or something similar)
  • Something to hang your sheet on such as a clothesline
  • Light (porch light, bright flashlight, etc.)
  • Science journal or blank paper
  • Pencil
  • Camera (optional)
  • Colored pencils (optional)
  • Clipboard or something hard to write on outside (optional)
  • Internet or other field guides (optional)
  • An adult or someone in your family to help

What to do:

  • Head outside and find a place where you want to attract moths.  This could be on your front porch or somewhere else.
  • Hang up your white sheet and aim your light at the sheet.  Hang your sheet near your porch light if you are using that.
  • Wait for the moths to become attracted to the light and then see if you can identify them!
  • Take pictures or draw what you find in your Science Journal and use the internet or a field guide to see if you can identify them.
  • Post pictures of your Science Journal on Facebook and tag us @VINS.VT!

Resource for parents:

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