At Home Education Resources

Backyard Safari

Go on a safari to explore a nearby habitat while looking for signs of animal life!

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A Day in the Life of a Bird

What can you learn about a bird from observing them for a day?

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Get dirty on a wet spring day and find some earthworms!

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Insect Game

Pretend to be an insect while learning about them!

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Build a Nature Mandala

Design a beautiful mandala using natural materials.

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Finding Moths

What types of moths can you find around your home at night?

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Jump, Hop, Leap, Run

Learn how some animals move and join in!

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Name that Tree!

Learn how to identify local trees by looking at the leaves and twigs.

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Peppermint Beetle

Go on a scent adventure through your local woods.

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Aquatic Insect Hunt

Go looking for a variety of insects that call a river home.

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