Backyard Safari


Backyard Safari (Adapted lesson of Project Learning Tree): Go on a safari to explore a nearby habitat while looking for signs of animal life!


  • Pen or pencil
  • Nature journal
  • Hand lens (optional)

Doing the Activity:

  • In this activity, you are going to be going outside and exploring different habitats (natural home of a living organism, providing creatures with food, water, shelter and space) around your home, local park, or any outdoor space you have permission to explore. 
  • Take out your nature journal to make your own survey sheet on a blank page (see below for an example survey sheet)
  • When you have found the habitat you want to explore, find a comfortable place to sit for 3 minutes and listen. Do you hear any animals or creatures around? What are they?
  • After you have listened for a little while, start exploring the area with other senses. What signs of life can you find? 
  • Record your findings in your nature journal. When you are recording what you have found, consider the following;
    • What animals did you observe?
    • How many animals did you observe?
    • What do these animals need to live?
    • Where do these animals get water?
    • Can you find any evidence of animals eating, or being eaten by something else?
    • What kind of shelter is available to these creatures?

Complete the following information while you’re observing!




What animals or animal signs did you see? Where did you see the animals or signs of animal life?Observations:What was each animal doing? Where might they live? Etc.  

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