At Home Education Resources

Name that Tree!

Learn how to identify local trees by looking at the leaves and twigs.

Peppermint Beetle

Go on a scent adventure through your local woods.

Sunlight and Shades of Green

Test what happens when you block 4 days of sunlight from the leaves of a tree or shrub.

Are Vacant Lots Vacant?

Find a vacant lot for an outdoor laboratory for you to examine the elements of an ecosystem!

Have Seeds, Will Travel

Investigate, collect, and classify seeds while learning how they disperse.

Trees as Habitats

Investigate what lives in and around trees.

Video Investigation: Stargazing

Join VINS on a night sky adventure.

Charting Diversity

Explore the amazing diversity of life on Earth and discover how plants and animals are adapted for survival.


Create a map of your home, property, neighborhood, or close-by space that you can walk to safely.

How Big is Your Tree?

Students measure trees in different ways and become familiar with the tree’s scale and structure.