Jump, Hop, Leap, Run


Jump, Hop, Leap and Run – Let’s move!


  • Animal images (optional)
  • A piece of string 8 feet long
  • A piece of string 25 feet long
  • An adult to help out

What to do:

  1. Take a look at how the frog and toad move.  Does it look like they hop in the same way?  That’s right – frogs have longer legs and take big long jumps.  Toads take shorter hops.
  2. Head outside (or stay inside if you prefer), and try jumping like a frog using your strong hind legs.  Take short little hops like a toad.  Which animal would you prefer to be?
  3. Take a look at the pictures of the deer and moose.
  4. Have an adult help you measure and cut the two lengths of string.
  5. Have an adult help hold the 8 foot string so that it hangs vertically.  A white-tailed deer can jump over that string.  How high can you jump?  Measure your jump against the string!
  6. Now you’d best head outside!
  7. Stretch the 25 foot piece of string flat on the ground.  A white tailed deer can jump that far in one jump.  How many jumps does it take for you to leap from one end of the string to the other?
  8. A moose can run fast; about 35 miles per hour.  Find some outside space to run.  How fast can you go?

Animal Images

Jumping Frog
Hopping Toad
Leaping Deer
Running Moose

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