VINS Announces New Exhibit – Songbird Aviary


Quechee, VT – The Vermont Institute of Natural Science (VINS) announces the opening of a new walk-thru exhibit: the Songbird Aviary.

This new exhibit replaces the existing songbird aviary with a larger space, with greater visibility, and includes enhanced interpretation to educate our visitors, campers, and students.

The new space safely houses non-releasable songbirds native to Vermont. Small trees and shrubs planted for food and cover fill the space, along with a water area. A double door entry and exit and a path through the structure allow visitors to quietly observe the birds as they go about their lives.

Songbirds provide valuable services to the ecosystems they inhabit and to humans by dispersing seeds, pollinating plants and consuming copious amounts of insects. In keeping with the VINS mission, we plan to incorporate education into every aspect of our work. We see our role as interpreters of the most relevant environmental science for our visitors, empowering them to make the best choices and take the steps necessary to improve the world for birds.

This improved exhibit will help us to communicate and educate our visitors daily on the importance of wild bird populations. Come enjoy an intimate experience as you watch birds move about in this naturally landscaped exhibit!