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Bird Beaks

Investigate the size and shapes of bird beaks.

Investigating Shadows

What do you notice about shadows at different times of the day?

Investigating Energy: Marble Coasters

How is speed related to the amount of energy in an object?

Fern and Moss Field Trip

Explore how ferns and mosses change throughout the spring, into the summer and fall.

Investigating Energy – Rocket Balloons

How can you move a balloon rocket to the other side of the room?

Video Investigation: Stargazing

Join VINS on a night sky adventure.

Science in the Community

Tune in this week to learn about the impact scientists have in our region.

Name that Tree!

Learn how to identify local trees by looking at the leaves and twigs.

A Day in the Life of a Bird

What can you learn about a bird from observing them for a day?

VINS Facebook Live: Reptile Encounter

Join us for a Facebook Live Encounter with a reptile at VINS.

VINS Facebook Live: Falcon Encounter

Tune into VINS Facebook Live for a falcon encounter.

Backyard Safari

Go on a safari to explore a nearby habitat while looking for signs of animal life!