At Home Education Resources

Video Investigation: Naturalist Walk

Walk through the forest and experience nature’s transition from winter to spring!

Video Investigation: Weather Journals

Weather Journals: In this video, students will see an example weather journal and learn how they can make their own to use at home.

Engineering Design: Design a Toy

Can you design a toy that uses all three states of matter (solid, liquid and gas)?

Writing Prompt: Building a Beaver Dam

Can you build a beaver dam that stops the flow of water?

States of Matter

How does water turn from a solid to a liquid to a gas?

Investigating Energy: Marble Coasters

How is speed related to the amount of energy in an object?

Investigating Energy – Rocket Balloons

How can you move a balloon rocket to the other side of the room?

Video Investigation: Why do Seeds Grow?

Students learn how to set up an experiment at home that will help them discover what plants need to grow.

Backyard Birding & Citizen Science

Let’s go birding!

Writing Prompt: My Favorite Day in the Woods

Write about your favorite day in the woods.