At Home Education Resources

Video Investigation: Phenology Notebook

VINS Science Educator will show you how to record your observations in a phenology notebook.

Video Investigation: Stargazing

Join VINS on a night sky adventure.

Video Investigation: Fallen Logs

Explore the microhabitat of a decaying log

Investigating Decomposers

What types of decomposers are all around us?

Investigating Rocks

What can we learn by looking at different layers of rocks?

Environmental Changes

What happens to the environment when an invasive species changes it?

Shapes of Land, Bodies of Water

What shapes of land and bodies of water can you find?

Hours of Daylight

How many hours of daylight are there at different times of the year?

Energy from the Sun

What colors and materials absorb more energy from the sun?

Video Investigation: Pendulums

Explore the relationship between balanced and unbalanced forces.