Writing Prompt: Building a Beaver Dam

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Activity:  Building a Beaver Dam — Can you build a beaver dam that can stop the flow of water?

What do you already know about beavers and their homes?  

What materials do beavers use to build their dam?


  • Natural materials such as, sticks, rocks, mud, etc.
  • Plastic tub
  • Container, such as a pitcher filled with water

What to do:

  1. Go outside and collect the materials you think would work best to build a beaver dam.
  2. Next using your materials, build your beaver dam in the center of the plastic tub, dividing it half.  Try your best to allow water not to pass through your dam.
  3. Test it out.   Pour water on one side of the dam and tilt the container up to see if water will flow through your dam.
  4. If it didn’t work, try to fix it and try again.  Or you can gather new materials and see if something else works better.

Writing Prompt:  What makes the best beaver dam?

Using the form below, state your opinion on what materials make the best beaver dam.

  1. Beavers are nature’s ecosystem engineers and build dams to create beaver ponds.  Beavers want their dams to create a large pond to keep lots of water in and keep them safe.  When I built my beaver dam, I found that the best materials to build it were
  2. I think these were the best materials because
  3. When beavers build their dams in nature these materials help them create their beaver ponds by
  4. Therefore, these are the reasons why
  5. Draw a picture of your beaver dam and label your materials:

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