VINS Homeschool Programs

We want to support you in your homeschooling efforts by inviting you to our regularly scheduled homeschool programs. Designed by our highly qualified Science Educators, these programs will enhance your homeschoolers’ learning experience this year.  

Your homeschoolers will be immersed in science and place-based education during our dynamic, fun-filled lessons!

Please Note:

  • One adult will be granted complimentary admission if they wish to accompany their child(ren).
  • Scholarships are available; please inquire at

STEAM Backpacks

Through the STEAM Backpacks Program, homeschool parents will be able to borrow a kit from VINS that provides the necessary directions, background information, and scientific tools to teach a deeply stimulating scientifically and standards-based curriculum. Each will be organized along a specific theme - Nature Explorer, Birds, Insects, Tracking, Day and Night Sky, and Geology - and will additionally be differentiated to suit the needs and abilities of K-2nd, 3rd-5th, and 6th-8th grade students. Courtesy of the Dorr Foundation.

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"This was an exceptional science series. The instructor was always very willing to go above and beyond to answer all questions from students and parents. The instructor also provided further websites, books, and other instructional materials and resources whenever students or parents wanted to dive deeper into the topics. The instructor was excellent at providing a variety of hands-on grade-level activities during each lesson to create engagement and further intellectual thinking. I would highly recommend this program to any interested parent. "

VINS Homeschool Program Parent Participant

"That was a great class! They loved it, and the extra activities are great. They are playing elaborate imaginative activities with bear puppets. Thank you so much!"

VINS Homeschool Program Parent Participant

Enhancing Classroom Curriculum with On-Site, Place-Based Education

Explore the natural world with hands-on lessons aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards.