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Teaching Kits are a valuable resource for providing hands-on science and place-based learning in a classroom. Choose from a variety of kit options from Wings, Feet and Feathers to a Solar Power engineering opportunity. Each teaching kit is aligned with Next Generation Science Standards and will enhance your curriculum and excite your students.

Bark Beetle Kit

Discover the hidden world under the tree bark! Students investigate the ecological role of the bark beetle and how it can both help and harm forest communities.

Beaver Kit

Connect the beaver’s trademark with its adaptations through a closer look at the beaver skull and beaver pelts.

Bird Adaptations Kit

Learn about different types of birds while also comparing certain elements that differ within bird families.

Bird Nests Kit

Discover the preferences in materials, size and texture of different species and interpret what these choices say about the bird species itself.

Bird Watching Kit

Students learn how to identify the commonly found species of birds in the Upper Valley region using binoculars, guides, and photos.

Gall Kit

Discover the commonly unobserved natural process of Galls, abnormal growths on a plant that act as a home for small insects, mites, fungi and even viruses.

Teaching Tools

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Partner Teacher

"My kids loved it. Having real nests to touch and draw and discover was great and they've even spotted what they think is possibly a red-eye vireo nest in our maple tree. Love how just shining the spotlight on something in nature makes them more aware of it. 

Thank you guys for making these kits available!"

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