At Home Education Resources

Water Quality Testing Kit

This self-contained water quality testing kit includes everything you need to assess the physical and chemical parameters of your local body of water.

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Rock Kit

Students will be introduced to the remarkable variety of rocks and minerals and investigate different properties specific to each one.

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Going in Cycles Kit

Students will become familiarized with where water travels, how it gets there, and frequency of its deposition in common water bodies.

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Tree Cookie Kit

Students will explore the internal structure of a tree and learn about the seasonal growth cycles recorded in the tree rings.

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Bark Beetle Kit

Discover the hidden world under the tree bark! Students investigate the ecological role of the bark beetle and how it can both help and harm forest communities.

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Gall Kit

Discover the commonly unobserved natural process of Galls, abnormal growths on a plant that act as a home for small insects, mites, fungi and even viruses.

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White-Tailed Deer Kit

Students are provided with a hands-on lesson on the white-tailed deer and its adaptations for life in fields and forests.

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Bird Nests Kit

Discover the preferences in materials, size and texture of different species and interpret what these choices say about the bird species itself.

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Thorns and Threats Kit

Explore a variety of different species who use this protective adaptation to ward off predators in an effort to improve their survival rates.

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Beaver Kit

Connect the beaver’s trademark with its adaptations through a closer look at the beaver skull and beaver pelts.

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