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Newspaper Towers

How high and how strong can you make your newspaper tower?

Rock Walk

Go on an outdoor adventure to find unique rocks!

Facebook Live: Cavity Nesting Raptor Encounter

Meet a raptor that finds a home inside trees!

States of Matter

How does water turn from a solid to a liquid to a gas?

Color Scavenger Hunt

Head outside and look. What can you find?

Water and Ice Investigations

Hands on PreK investigations of water and ice.

Bird Beaks

Investigate the size and shapes of bird beaks.

Video Investigation: Phenology Notebook

VINS Science Educator will show you how to record your observations in a phenology notebook.

Facebook Live: American Kestrel

Learn about kestrels amazing adaptations and talk with our Environmental Educators in real time.

VINS Facebook Live: Reptile Encounter

Join us for a Facebook Live Encounter with a reptile at VINS.

Video Investigation: Wildflower Walk

Journey through multiple habitats and learn how to identify wildflowers.

YouTube Live: Raptor Encounter

Meet a variety of different raptor species and ask all of your burning questions in real time!