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Backyard Safari

Go on a safari to explore a nearby habitat while looking for signs of animal life!

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Race Car Ramps

Play with toy cars and find out what makes them go fast.

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Color Scavenger Hunt

Head outside and look. What can you find?

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The Fallen Log

Students will gain an understanding of how decomposition takes place while closely observing microhabitats and the organisms that create a community in these places.

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Earth Day Poetry Reading

Poetry reading and a moment of zen to appreciate the natural world.

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Energy from the Sun

What colors and materials absorb more energy from the sun?

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A hibernation activity for learning at home

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Create a map of your home, property, neighborhood, or close-by space that you can walk to safely.

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Magic Milk

Mix colors in this engaging activity and see what happens!

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"As the school year winds down, I just want to take a moment to say thank you for creating and sharing lessons and videos during this time of distance learning.  We included them in our weekly plans, and the kids and their families really enjoyed them.  Not only were the lessons/videos engaging and fun, but we knew in sharing them with our families that we were giving them high quality learning opportunities.  Your work and effort is/was greatly appreciated!"

Kindergarten Teacher, Hartland Elementary School

"We just finished our virtual field trip! It was AWESOME! My class was so enthralled and asked great questions! Nathan was an excellent presenter and the kids can't wait to visit over the summer. Thank you again for the opportunity to do this. Even though we could not be there in person, it was a great trip!"

Fifth Grade Teacher, White River School