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YouTube Live: Raptor Encounter

Meet a variety of different raptor species and ask all of your burning questions in real time!

Jump, Hop, Leap, Run

Learn how some animals move and join in!

How Big is Your Tree?

Students measure trees in different ways and become familiar with the tree’s scale and structure.

Video Investigation: Pendulums

Explore the relationship between balanced and unbalanced forces.

Water and Ice Investigations

Hands on PreK investigations of water and ice.

VINS Facebook Live: Reptile Encounter

Join us for a Facebook Live Encounter with a reptile at VINS.

Investigating Energy: Marble Coasters

How is speed related to the amount of energy in an object?

Video Investigation: Phenology Notebook

VINS Science Educator will show you how to record your observations in a phenology notebook.

Rock Walk

Go on an outdoor adventure to find unique rocks!

The Fallen Log

Students will gain an understanding of how decomposition takes place while closely observing microhabitats and the organisms that create a community in these places.

Race Car Ramps

Play with toy cars and find out what makes them go fast.

A Day in the Life of a Bird

What can you learn about a bird from observing them for a day?