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Have Seeds, Will Travel

Investigate, collect, and classify seeds while learning how they disperse.

Video Investigation: Pendulums

Explore the relationship between balanced and unbalanced forces.

Rock Walk

Go on an outdoor adventure to find unique rocks!

Writing Prompt: My Favorite Day in the Woods

Write about your favorite day in the woods.

Investigating Decomposers

What types of decomposers are all around us?

Communicating with Light Patterns

Can you make up a new way to communicate only using light and patterns?

Engineering Design

What can you engineer and design with a cardboard box?

VINS Facebook Live: Falcon Encounter

Tune into VINS Facebook Live for a falcon encounter.

Video Investigation: Nest Box Checking

Join a VINS Environmental Educator to learn more about the species of birds who inhabit our nest boxes.

Video Investigation: Tour of the VINS Center for Wild Bird Rehabilitation

Tour VINS Center for Wild Bird Rehabilitation with Wildlife Keeper Bren.

Energy from the Sun

What colors and materials absorb more energy from the sun?