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Energy from the Sun

What colors and materials absorb more energy from the sun?

Color Scavenger Hunt

Head outside and look. What can you find?

Investigating Decomposers

What types of decomposers are all around us?

Newspaper Towers

How high and how strong can you make your newspaper tower?

Writing Prompt: My Favorite Day in the Woods

Write about your favorite day in the woods.

Facebook Live: American Kestrel

Learn about kestrels amazing adaptations and talk with our Environmental Educators in real time.

States of Matter

How does water turn from a solid to a liquid to a gas?

Earth Day Poetry Reading

Poetry reading and a moment of zen to appreciate the natural world.

Bird Beaks

Investigate the size and shapes of bird beaks.

Sunlight and Shades of Green

Test what happens when you block 4 days of sunlight from the leaves of a tree or shrub.

Video Investigation: Nest Box Checking

Join a VINS Environmental Educator to learn more about the species of birds who inhabit our nest boxes.

Investigating the Night Sky

What do you notice about the night sky at different times of the year?